Blind and Seeing

Big idea

Jesus sees how lost in sin we are, and has come to seeks and save us.

Bible passage  

Luke 18:35-19:10 (Key verse – Luke 19:10)

You will need

All Ages Activity

As a family choose an activity to do blindfolded together (eg. eating dinner, tidying toys in the lounge etc.)  Make sure to stick at the activity blindfolded long enough to experience the frustration and messiness of not being able to see.

Take the blindfolds off and assess how well you’ve completed the task.  Help each other to finish the task without your blindfolds on.

What was difficult about doing your activity blindfolded?

Where there parts of the activity you couldn’t do? Why/why not?

Why was it easier to complete the task un-blindfolded?


Read the bible passage together Luke 18:35-19:10

Discuss how Jesus came to seek and save the lost, rescuing us from blindness ad opening our eyes to receive his generous mercy.

Prayer idea

Dear Lord,

Thankyou for sending Jesus to rescue us from being lost in sin.  Help us to see other lost people around us and invite them into your family along with us.