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This Sunday, as we continue the series in Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount, we will be looking at a general picture of self-forgetful service to God.  Participation in today’s Sunday Gathering is one aspect of our service to God.  It is a special time when we can focus our attention on the one who has created us and redeemed us through Christ’s saving work.  From our Lord we have all blessing, and we owe him all adoration and thanksgiving.

Let us then think carefully about how special it is to join in the times of prayer with the rest of God’s people.  It is easy to see the prayer as a formality. Sadly, that robs it of the astounding reality of all uniting in heart and mind as needy but blessed people.  The prayer times are when we, together, acknowledge that we are sinners with the one hope of Jesus Christ.  Together in praise we delight in the goodness of our God.  In all our failures and needs we cry out to our Lord for help.

Consider carefully then, the wonder of having one person speak but expressing the needs and desires of all gathered before the Living God.

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