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Today the bible talk at church will be about the spiritual battle we all face.  The forces of evil, under the leadership of Satan, fight against.  Their goal is to stop us living a fruitful, confident life as servants of the Lord.  It is one of the reasons that you might find everything more attractive than going to join in the service today.  The evil ones will cause you to focus on every conceivable shortcoming and irritation that may be associated with the Sunday gathering.  They will also try to blind you to the joy, the privilege, and the strengthening that comes from gathering with fellow Christians to worship the Lord, to pray to him and be taught by him.

How do we counteract this problem?  The simple instruction, to put on the full armour of God, directs our attention to our Lord Jesus.  Without him we are and can do nothing, as Jesus tells us in John 15:5. Resting in his saving work we know we have every spiritual blessing (Ephesians 1:3).  This is an all-encompassing reality so that when we humble ourselves and remember all we have in Christ, all the distractions that evil thrusts at us can be overcome.  Is it as simple as remembering Jesus and then being enthusiastic about the Sunday service?  No, but it does help to be dealing with the temptations the right way rather than giving in or stoically, resignedly pressing on.

David Johnston – Creek Road Campus

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