29.11 – Sunday

Today’s Bible talk is all about work, or rather the relationship between workers and those for whom they work.  Work is usually irksome, at least is some aspects, but it is the gospel of our Lord Jesus that provides an encouraging perspective.  Whatever physical and mental toil we must endure, we have glorious rest in the saving work of Jesus Christ.  No salvation to be achieved only forgiveness and acceptance through his “doing and dying” for us.  In Jesus we have eternal rest.

When we gather as God’s people it is a celebration of that victory of Jesus and a looking forward to the destiny of that eternal rest with him forever.  In that sense it is like a small token of heaven each week.  Not that being with the Lord will be like an eternal church service (God forbid!!), but the joy, the celebration, the focus on Christ, the sense of togetherness, will be experienced in perfection for eternity. 

Today is then a time to rejoice in the Lord and then seek to take some of that delight into the working week as you serve him there.  In fact, whatever we might do during the week, it takes on a new enjoyment when we do it looking back to what Christ has achieved for us and looking forward to the eternal blessing.