27.11 – Friday

Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge,

    but whoever hates correction is stupid. – Proverbs 12:1 

The general topic of this week can be very harrowing for many people, if not all.  We can all see how far short we have fallen from being an ideal parent or child.  We can also feel at least a little aggrieved by the failure of others toward us.  All of this can make it difficult to accept some of the correction we may need.  We usually resist correction at any age and opt for defensive self-justification.

Provers 12:1 provides us with some wise to help.  The wisdom sections of the Bible, including Proverbs, provide long considered, godly advice as we try grapple with the fundamental issues of life.  Sadly, these words before us are apt to make us think, “yes, great advice – but for another person at another time!” 

On the other hand, we can remember that we are, as believers in Jesus, secure, forgiven and loved people and therefore able to be challenged and corrected without being fundamentally threatened.  We all need to grow in maturity and the Lord causes that, in part, by providing other people, even really annoying people, to correct us and provide discipline for us.  We can react by stubbornness or we can rejoice in Jesus’ blessing to us and take the opportunity to become wiser, and more like Jesus.  Billy Graham, the great evangelist once advised, “make your critic, your coach.”  In other words, when corrected, by parents, teachers, pompous opinionated bores, or anybody else we can reject it or think about it and if possible, ensure that we learn from the experience. 

David Johnston – Creek Road