15.11 – Sunday

Let us reflect on Isaiah 26:12, “Lord, you establish peace for us, because you have done all our works for us.”  When we gather with the people of God today at Church or online, we do so as people who have peace, as we rest in Jesus our Lord.  We also have confidence about this because we know that Jesus has done all that needed to be done so we can be saved.  Today is a day of celebration.

This is also a plea for any who have looked to the passage for today’s bible talk in church and are inclined to stay home.  Ephesians 5:21 – 33 is not designed to make you feel guilty about what sort of spouse you are.  Nor is it intended that you think it is irrelevant because you are single.  Instead it tells us of the profound love between Christ and his people.  In the light of that perfect love from him we can join in jubilant delight as we praise our glorious Lord and hear his word to us.

Be ready for the time with God’s people by praying, “Lord, may I fully appreciate today the astounding love of Jesus to me and all his people.”

David Johnston – Creek Road Campus