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Family Growth Term 1 2018

Week 4: Preparing the Ground

Big idea

John clears the ground for Jesus to build the way home.


Bible passage

Luke 3:2-16


You will need

Access to the internet


All Ages Activity

Search on YouTube for ‘Mike Oldani Black bear pass’.

Sit together as a family or Growth Group and watch the video of a bulldozer clearing a mountain pass.


Luke is writing about a time where the Jewish people were set in their old ways and were not trusting or following God.  God still loved them and announced a new way to bring all his people back home to him.


In Luke chapter 3 we see God’s plan begin to take shape as John starts to show the people the new way home to Him.


Just like the bulldozer in the video had to clear a way for a new road, John had to show people a new way to reach God.


Just as that bulldozer struggled in a remote place to clear that large boulder, John who preached out in the wilderness worked hard to clear the hearts of people to make way for the salvation of Jesus.


The new way John preached of was about repentance, which means he wanted the people to see and admit they had a problem. He also described a new way of relating to each other with love and fairness and he told them of the coming of Jesus who would baptize with the Holy Spirit and fire.


We are fortunate that we know God’s plan worked and that Jesus is alive to take us home to Him. The way to follow Jesus is the same way that John told the people about, we have to believe, say sorry for our old ways (repent), love each other and allow Jesus to baptize us.



Prayer idea

Dear Lord

Just as John cleared a way in the people’s hearts to make way for you. Please help me clear away the boulders in my heart, forgive me and please show me the way home with you.

In Jesus name