Sunday Service

It’s our hope that your visit is an encouraging and welcoming experience. But what else can you expect when you visit?

In our services:

  • we sing songs that help us reflect on God;
  • we talk to God in prayer;
  • we hear some stories from our community;
  • we have a creative Spotlight to help think creatively about the bible;
  • we help kids engage with the bible in age appropriate ways
  • we read from the bible;
  • we hear a bible talk that helps us understand the bible, and it’s application in our lives;
  • we spend time over refreshments catching up in community.

During the Week

During the week, we encourage our people to meet in smaller communities called Growth Groups. Each growth group has it’s own culture and community, but they’re generally a space to dig a bit deeper into the bible, and live life together.

At Living Church, we believe everyone has a next step – it might be coming back next week, coming along to a Connect event where you can find out more about our church, joining a Growth Group, or finding a way to serve in a ministry team. 

Who do I speak to?

On Sundays, we have the Next Steps Desk where our team can answer your questions, and put you in contact with the right people. Or during the week, drop us a line, and we’re happy to help any way we can