Big Idea

The God who knit you together in your mother’s womb knows you intimately, loves you and his presence will always be with you in Jesus Christ and through the Holy Spirit.


Ask the God who knows you to search your heart and lead you in His ways for your life now and forever.

To Think About

  1. What assurances are we given here to help us when the Lord feels distant, especially when we have neglected him?
  2. How are the assurances of this psalm fulfilled in Jesus Christ?
  3. How does this psalm help us to deal with fear and anxiety?

This might mean sharing a meal. It might mean sharing tea/coffee/dessert. This is time to catch up and share life.

Read Psalm 139

Going around the room, so each person gets to speak, share one sentence reflecting on the bible talk/bible reading. What was most helpful to you?

What does this mean to me?
What are the significant issues that were raised for you personally?
Are there questions that stand out for you more than others?
What did others think was the main issue and why?

What do you feel about what is being said in this passage? How does it impact you emotionally?

What is one area where God might be challenging you to make a change?

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