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Big Idea

Psalm 27 and the life of Jesus, summons us to keep re-entering the invitation to know the personal God revealed in his word and his Son in any and every situation.


Meditation – reminding ourselves of who the LORD is and what he has done prepares us for moving towards Him in trust and dependence through prayer.

To Think About

  1. What does God teach us in this psalm about our relationship with him and what he has done for us through Christ?
  2. Discuss how such knowledge of Jesus Christ gives us security now?
  3. What specific things does this psalm teach us to ask for in this present difficult time?

This might mean sharing a meal. It might mean sharing tea/coffee/dessert. This is time to catch up and share life.

Read Psalm 27

Going around the room, so each person gets to speak, share one sentence reflecting on the bible talk/bible reading. What was most helpful to you?

What does this mean to me?
What are the significant issues that were raised for you personally?
Are there questions that stand out for you more than others?
What did others think was the main issue and why?

What do you feel about what is being said in this passage? How does it impact you emotionally?

What is one area where God might be challenging you to make a change?

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