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Still Waiting For the True King – 2 Samuel

In our series of 1 Samuel ‘Waiting for the True King’ we saw in Saul a king – the people’s king – who simply mirrored the sin of the people and lead himself and them into death.

In this series of 2 Samuel we see David rise to the throne and we get a glimpse of a king who will bring the rest, peace, joy and blessing the world is longing for. Tragically, just like many before him, David takes up the sword – using his power to control, manipulate, and take for himself. Yet God still promises that a descendant of David will come and fulfill all of these grand promises, a forever-king whose loving rule will bless all nations. As Jesus comes we meet this long promised king.

Join us From April 28 as we get to know the true king Jesus and our hope is that you accept his invitation into a new way of life under his loving rule – a life of true rest, peace, joy and blessing.

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