Living Communities

Living Church is a community of people who are all living out a response to what Jesus has done for us.

We invite you to check out our community – what we’re on about; we invite you to find your place – a place to truly belong and be accepted; and we invite you to see how you can contribute back into your community.


At Living Church we call this “Connect”, “Grow”, and “Serve”.  We talk a lot about ‘pathways.’ Rather than just providing a ‘menu’ of events, everything we do is about growing mature servants of Jesus. Connect, Grow, Serve is our horizontal pathway to maturity.

Connect to Jesus and the church

We connect to God through trusting in Jesus’ death on the cross for your sins, and connect to our community – our church. We grow in relationship with Jesus and others. We serve Jesus and others in response to how Jesus has served us.

Grow in my relationships

While we come together on Sundays as a wider community, it’s during the week when we meet as smaller communities – in growth groups – where real relationship is fostered, where we do life together, care for each other, and learn what it means to have your life changed by living for Jesus.

Serve my community

And we serve Jesus and each other in ministry teams. There is a diverse range of teams that help serve the needs of our community – from public ministries, like Sunday music, to behind the scenes, like helping with administration. Serving in ministry teams helps us contribute back to our community, while serving Jesus and his people.

Kids, Youth, Young Adults

And because we believe this horizontal pathway to maturity is for everyone, we follow this pathway with our young people.

Our Vertical Pathway to maturity is how we, in conjunction with parents, help kids, youth, and young adults connect with Jesus and the church, grow and relate in growth groups, and serve our community, all in age appropriate ways.

We’d love for you to check out the communities at any of our campuses.

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