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Partnership Update – Paul and Deb Howells

As mentioned in a previous update we had 2 ladies conferences in 2023. One in the Cebuano language and one in the Talaandig language. All up, 400+ women attended these conferences. The ladies had fantastic times and we were able to put a short clip together of the 2nd one of these conferences. It can be viewed by clicking on the following link.

Ladies Conference Lapoc –

Also we have been working on a project that we have wanted to do for years. When we moved into the work back in 1987 cameras were very scarce. Hence people did not have access to photos. ☹  Since then more than a generation of people have passed and we had old slides and negatives that we converted to be digital photos. Some are a bit rough due to mildew damage but the Lord has enabled us to maintain a lot memories for a LOT people. So have uploaded these pictures to our website and the Talaandig and Higaonon people who are now becoming tech savvy are downloading these pictures and seeing many of their relatives who have gone ahead to heaven, as well as seeing many pictures of themselves when they were kids. These pictures have been marvelous for the many many people and bought so much joy.  If you want to have a look at some of these memories of the work the Lord has done you can view them at the below link.

Higaonon and Talaandig Photoes –

In addition to the above, 2024 has started with a lot of work for us 😊 –

Debbie is working with Cjun and his sister Aysa on the final readthrough of the Higaonon scriptures before we publish this translation. She started on Monday (2 days ago) and then they will work though until Saturday this week. However I think they will need to continue this work for a second and possibly a 3rd week to have this precious translation ready for the publisher. Pray for wisdom for them and sensitivity to the Lord.

Me – I have been working on formatting our “He Wants You” material in Talaandig to prepare it to go to the printer to have books made. This material is already being greatly used and many have been saved through these studies, and it will be used all the more once we get the books produced. Once the material is printed in TA, we will print it in Cebuano and Higaonon also.

Another development – the lady Bible teachers (Reminds me of Philips daughters from the book of Acts) from the Dulangan region have been teaching the word of God in the City prison here in Cagayan. It all came about when some policewomen saw them teaching the students in the schools and they asked them to come and teach the lady inmates. Many of these women in the prison are so pitiful and so much in need in every area of their lives, especially in need of the Gospel which can change their lives. So they have been teaching in this big prison for about 6 weeks now and the word of God is being received with joy. Please pray for this work also.

Apart from that we are on the countdown to Jubab’s wedding on Feb 3. Deb and I will home for 5 weeks for the wedding and to touch base with our families and get some medical checks and then we will be back here again (Lord Willing).

Another day that the Lord has made,   Paul and Deb