Parenting Workshop

As we partner with you in raising your children to be disciples of Jesus, we are pleased to bring you 4 parenting workshops this year, designed to bring you industry expertise within a Christian worldview.

Attachment – What is it, and why is it so important?

In this parenting seminar we will find out about attachment and how we can model God in the way we relate and respond to our children. We will think about some general myths there are in parenting that we may have heard and learnt from our society that work against a secure attachment.

We will learn about a way to respond to our children that will help them feel safe and secure, help them regulate their emotions better and impact the way they relate to people as they grow up. This will be particularly interesting for you if you are pregnant or have younger children but you will benefit from this if your children are teenagers as well.

May 30 | 10.30 – 1.15

We will kick off 10:30am and go through until about 1:15pm. This will include a break for a sausage sizzle lunch.