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More people came along on Mother’s Day

At Church Life at the beginning of the term, James presented plans that we wanted to implement for Mother’s Day.

Over recent years, we had noticed that there was a significant reduction in attendance on both Mother’s and Father’s Day. We felt that we should address this decrease.

Our society has various moments during the year, which bring people together – Mothers and Father’s Day being examples of such days. So, we wondered if we could create an opportunity where people could bring along family who don’t normally come to church – bringing people together at Living Church by adding some celebratory touches.

So, with thanks to God, we did see a bump up in attendance on Mother’s Day 2024 from 2023.

This also represents a bump in the numbers we have been welcoming over recent weeks. We not only increased on 2023 Mother’s Day but also the number of people who have been attending this Term.

A group of people worked hard to facilitate our goal for this Sunday. Thank you. God brought the people.

We are aware of improvements that could be made to Mother’s Day at Living Church. If you have any reflections & or ideas, please come & have a chat, email me ( or pass on your ideas at the Next Steps Desk.

Thank you too, to the people, for whom Mother’s Day is a tough day. Please come and share your reflections. We want to understand your experience & help as much as possible.

Sunday 1 September, we will be remembering our Dads, both spiritual and physical. Start now to think about who you might invite.

Andrea Pryde, Adult Ministries