I Am The Gate - Living Church Online - 7th June 2020

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While we’re stuck behind our gates at home it’s tempting to open all sorts of ‘gates’ to find ways to satisfy our desires and longings.

Jesus is the gate to the good and full life, we find true satisfaction in him, not other ways.


John 10:7-10

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Priests and Servants | Isaiah 61: 1-11 | Sunday, 10 September, 2023


Kids Song

All the planning and preparations are coming together.  The lines are being learnt, the instruments are being tuned, the decorations are amazing, and the Carnival is going to be a great addition to our Carols.

Lots of people are planning to be here on Sunday and I have heard of many people bringing along friends and family, to join us for the fun.

Over the last couple of months, as I have chatted with people who are wanting to join us here at Living Church, people who are wanting to connect in, and they have said time and again – “this is a welcoming church”.  The specific things they have mentioned when I have asked them why they came to that conclusion is that someone has chatted with them during the break in the service and after the service finishes at morning tea or standing around in the evening.  They have also consistently mentioned that the people who have chatted with them were genuinely interested in them, wanting to get to know them and welcome them to church.  Huge thank you to everyone.

Can I encourage every one of us, to do more of the same this Sunday at Carols?  To go hard on chatting with people?

Chat with everyone and anyone.  Keep a particular eye out for people who are standing by themselves.  But if you see Living Church people who have people with them – say hello to them as well.

The Carnival, from it’s very first plans, has been designed to give newcomers a chance to hang around & get to know us.  Zoe mentioned this when she first talked with us about the Carnival – so plan to stay and chat and share a warm smile with people.

Please pray for this Sunday, for the people who don’t yet call Jesus their Lord and Saviour – that they might see and hear how much he loves them and that he is truly what they have been waiting for.

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