As Christians, we live with a rich and deep understanding of what it means to be human and especially what it means to be a “new creation” and a “new self” in Christ Jesus (2 cor. 5:17; Eph. 4:24). What God has done for us in Jesus Christ has had a profound impact on who we are, for we now live life in the knowledge that we are known by God and called his beloved children. 

However, the formative impact of life in our culture today often leaves people feeling lost about their identity and their place in this world. 

This series is meant to explore the damaging ways that life in our world can form us away from God’s good design, and how our culture leaves us with an identity that is thin, fragile, and fraught. But this series will also explore the goodness of life in Christ – a life lived in communion with God and one another as his people.

When we receive God’s truth, we are no longer of the world, knowing ourselves according to its false categories or our own fleshly desires. We know ourselves as people drawn into the loving company of Father, Son and Spirit, belonging wholly to him as adopted children (John 14:16- 21; 17:14-19) and able to worship and obey him as we were made to do. In Christ, we receive a new foundation for our identity that humbles our self-righteous egoism but also assures us we are infallibly secure in his justifying love. It is in Christ that we discover our true selves and also know each other truly