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Want to know more about Christianity?

We invite you to learn. Whether you’re a skeptic, a believer or somewhere in-between, we’d love to help you learn more about Christianity. 

We run both Christianity Explored and Hope Explored a couple of times a year, if you’d like to ask a question or to register interest in a course, please reach out to us.

Christianity Explored is a seven week course that allows you to investigate Christ and his claims.  The course is relaxed and will be with group of people who are also wanting to listen, learn and when you want to, discuss.  Each week there are a couple of videos to watch and some questions that will kick off discussion. You won’t have to read or pray out loud, unless you’d like to.  Come along and get the facts about Jesus.

Hope is something that we all crave.  There are times in our lives when hope seems very far away.  The Hope Explored course spends 3 weeks digging into what Christians have trusted in for millennia, that Jesus is deeply committed to people living lives characterised by hope.  Each week, a group of people will watch videos and chat through the ideas presented.  There is no requirement to read or pray out loud.   We would love you to come along and hear what Jesus has to say to you about hope.