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Hope Explored at Living Church in 2024

If you joined us on Sunday for Carols, you will have seen a promo for a “new” course we are running in 2024.

It’s new in the sense that it is the first time Living Church will be hosting Hope Explored.  It  isn’t new in the sense that Hope Explored has been developed by the team at Christianity Explored.  Living Church has run Christianity Explored courses for a number of years, enjoying the clarity of the gospel presentation, the high production values and the accessibility for people new to hearing about Jesus.

Hope Explored is more of the same.  The difference is that this is a three week course, entering into the truth of the gospel by digging into something that we all seek – Hope.

Take another look at the promotional video and think towards, pray about, who you might invite.  We start here at the church Thursday 1 February 2024 at 7:30pm.

If you would like to let us know you’re keen to join us on the 1st February or to ask a question – please click on this link