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Grow In Community

Living Church is a church of Growth Groups.

Our Growth Groups get together regularly to chat about life, Jesus and how they intersect.  This often involves laughter and discussion – good friends talking together about important issues.  Sometimes it involves tears – as we do not just the fun bits of life, but also, face the tough days together.

Living Church is committed to loving Jesus with our whole lives.

We believe this is how we truly live and so we want to help each other to grow that commitment.    Being together, through the mundane and the excitement of life – living for Jesus.

The best things about Growth Groups are:

  • There is one for everyone. We work hard until we have found you a group ,
  • Meeting regularly in various locations across Brisbane and associated with your Campus
  • Led by people we love, value and train
  • Lots of fun

Growth Groups are for everyone

Our groups are diverse – there’s a place for everyone. Because we want to see everyone grow in their faith, we also believe it’s important for our young people to have a safe space to grow. We have groups for kids, youth, and young adults, where they can explore the bible, and encourage each other in their journey, in age appropriate ways.

More information:

If you’d like to find out more about our growth group ministry, or you’re keen to join a group, chat to our grow team.

p. 3398 4333