People identifying as Christian and attending church are on the decline in Australia.

The census data shows this is a trend — we’re ‘losing our religion’. McCrindle Research says there are multiple factors behind this, including how Christians behave and some ‘belief blockers’ — or big objections — about what Christians believe.

These objections sometimes present themselves as questions, and the reason they ‘block’ belief is that they are rationally and emotionally weighty. They’re also often questions that we Christians grapple with — that we might feel we have to answer for ourselves in order to hold on to Jesus.

But what if there are answers to them that are intellectually plausible, and emotionally and experientially satisfying to those who are still in church most Sundays? What if Jesus makes surprising emotional and rational sense? In this series we’re tackling the biggest questions people in our community have about what Christians believe.

We invite you to explore the answers.

Why should I trust the Bible?
How can a good God allow so much evil + suffering?
How can a good God send people to Hell?
Why do Christians hate LGBTIQA+ people? Is God anti-gay?
Why is there so much abuse in the church?
Hasn't science made God irrelevant?
Why are Christians such hypocrites?