The first step

We love to help people connect with Jesus. Which means we love meeting new people.

When you come along to Living Church we want to welcome you and begin helping you to get to know Jesus as you get to know us. It’s a big church, with plenty of people, a place for anyone who would like to come along.

The first people you’ll meet are the Connect Team.

They are around to make it easy for you to relax and enjoy being with us.

When you’re ready – we would like to share a meal with you and introduce you to what we believe as a church, the things that we hold dear. We do that at a Connect Lunch or dinner.

You will be able to Connect: 
  • By coming along on a Sunday to one of our services.  You’ll hear about what Jesus means for living well in this world.  
  • Chatting with people – we have times set aside  before, during and after the service 
  • Coming along to one of our Connect Lunches (Creek Road and Springfield Campuses) or a Connect Dinner (City South Campus)
More information:

p. 3398 4333

Grow In Community

Living Church is a church of Growth Groups.

Our Growth Groups get together regularly to chat about life, Jesus and how they intersect.  This often involves laughter and discussion – good friends talking together about important issues.  Sometimes it involves tears – as we do not just the fun bits of life, but also, face the tough days together.

Living Church is committed to loving Jesus with our whole lives.

We believe this is how we truly live and so we want to help each other to grow that commitment.    Being together, through the mundane and the excitement of life – living for Jesus.

The best things about Growth Groups are:
  • There is one for everyone. We work hard until we have found you a Growth Group home,
  • Meeting regularly in various locations across Brisbane and associated with your Campus
  • Led by people we love, value and train
  • Lots of fun
More information:

p. 3398 4333

The Next Step

Living Church is an exciting place to be. 

As part of the everyday of people living for Jesus – we do things together.  Everything we do is designed to help people grow to maturity in their relationship with Jesus. 

So from our Sunday services, to catering, to kids ministry, to welcoming people and everything in between – we work together to help each other live in Jesus. 

This means we need Teams of people to work together. 

Working together is both fun and challenging, filled with joys and struggles.  We love our Ministry Teams.  We love it as our Living Church people serve together.

The best things about Ministry Teams are:
  • There is one for everyone.  We work hard until we have found you a place to be alongside others to serve Jesus,
  • The best way we can serve is to be at church alnd get along to Growth Group as much possible,
  • Led by peope we love, value and train
  • Lots of fun
More information:

p. 3398 4333