Welcome to Creek Road Campus

Our Creek Road Campus is home to many of the members of Living Church.

As we move from being called the Carina Campus to Creek Road Campus, we embrace the moment to lift our heads and see the people all around us. People who need to meet Jesus. People who long for a life that is characterized by a loving community and a belonging that we know is found only in Jesus.

Living Church represents a call for deeper and greater investment in what we do as a church family. Focusing on serving together so that all ministries help people meet Jesus and grow in their relationship with him.

So if you are new to Creek Road Campus, the plan for our church includes you. If you have been a member at Creek Road for many years, and anywhere in between, the plan includes you.

As we all commit ourselves in prayer and serve where God has placed us, the loving, Creek Road at Creek Road will do just that – live.