Welcome to City South Campus

A Community for South Brisbane and surrounds

Our community started meeting together in South Brisbane four years ago. There’ve been ups and downs since, but we’re a community who get together on Sundays, and in different pockets of the city throughout the week because we love Jesus and we want to live in community as people being shaped by the way he loves us.

We tell the story of Jesus

Our Sunday services are a chance for us to tell the story of Jesus; it’s a great story, we believe it’s the story our city longs for, and the story that will change it for the better… but it’s not just a story we tell, it’s a story we live. We see this story pointing us towards the goodness of God, helping us appreciate the good, true, and beautiful things that make life in this world work better. We see this good story as a story of generous love, and God’s hospitality to us — his invitation home. So lots of our gatherings — on Sundays, and during the week — happen around feasting together on good food and drink, in good company.

For Everybody

We see this story as a story for everybody — people of different natures, cultures, sexualities, and identities, so we want our gatherings to be inclusive and safe for people to come, be loved, and meet Jesus. Jesus unites us across the things that divide us, and he offers new, re-created, life, built on a new hope and a new vision. If you follow him, it changes everything.

Our world is broken — we are broken. Our bodies break down, we die, we struggle and are often downcast or anxious. We do things we know we are wrong. The story of Jesus, and his death and resurrection, becoming our story is the solution for this brokenness in the world and our lives. It’s a story for people who think they’ve got everything together, and for people who know they don’t — and because this is the story of our community, our community is for everyone. We care about the downcast and the marginalised. We work with groups in our city, like Micah Projects, to live out this part of the story; and believe that the way we live, work, and play in the city of Brisbane is a chance for us to tell a better story, and to change our city’s story as we go.