Why Good Intentions are Bad Practice

Habits and Goals Have you noticed that good intentions never bring the deep change we long for in life? I might hear a good talk one Sunday and feel challenged about growing in certain areas of my life. But then I don’t grow. I come back next Sunday realising nothing

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Why do Christians hate LGBTIQA+ people? Is God anti-gay?

Why do Christians hate LGBTIQA+ people? What is it about Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans, Intersex, Queer or Asexual people – or those encompassed by the ‘plus’ that means Christians pit themselves against them? Is it because God is against them? It certainly looks like we hate… And even that we

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Finding Our Identity In Christ

This week in our series, Got Questions, we looked at the question Why do Christians hate LGBTIQA+ People and is God Anti-Gay? In answering this question during the talk, we heard the issue we all face is in finding our identity in our sexuality or anything else other than God.

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Remembrance Day

This Sunday marks the 100 years since the end of the ‘Great War’ – Remembrance Day. The 11th of November. A day etched into our nation’s shared ‘religious calendar’ – a sacred day up there with Anzac Day in the national story, and a reminder of the sacrifice our forebears have

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The Inclusion Zone: Imagining a society with less abortions

Time to imagine a society with less abortion, and churches as inclusion zones The Queensland Parliament passed changes to the abortion law in Queensland yesterday to move abortion from being dealt with under the Criminal Code in Queensland to being dealt with as a health issue. The change came after

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Would Jesus donate his organs?

A new ad promoting organ donation is generating a lot of discussion. Some find it clever. Some find it offensive. Some find it just plain silly. I find in it a great opportunity to talk about the gospel. If you missed the ad, here it is – a short clip

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