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Talk 6 | The Pattern of the King | Still Waiting for the True King

How have you been hurt? How have you hurt others? When have you walked past others who are hurting? How do you use power? Recognise where healing, forgiveness and repentance need to happen in your life through turning to Jesus.
Let your relationships (parenting, friends, family, etc.) be shaped by our relationship with Jesus who gives us new patterns of relating to others. Grab a copy of Luke’s gospel and read through it and notice how Jesus relates to women, children and people in authority). Read it through with someone you trust.

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Talk 5 | The Shepherd King | Still Waiting for the True King

Just like Saul before him, David has fallen as the shepherd-king and done evil in the eyes of the LORD. His house will now experience curse rather than blessing- the people have fallen with their king.

Sin makes us see everything wrongly- God ourselves and others. And we do great harm to each other with destructive consequences. In Jesus we see the good shepherd- king who shows us grace and forgiveness.

When do you trust your own insight? Admit the damage our sin causes and live in the forgiveness and care of the good shepherd. Is there someone you need to ask for forgiveness from?

See how good God has been to you and how much he has blessed you in Jesus. Who do you need to be accountable to? What friendships can you be cultivating to keep you accountable?

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