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This is Living | Talk 4 | Living Sacrifice

The dying world wants to shape us in ways that bring death. Our view of God’s mercy at the cross shapes us in ways that give life. The first step is to see God’s mercy in Jesus. Take your place on the altar with us as part of the living sacrifice which is a living church.

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This is Living | Talk 3 | Living Church

The world tells you that the successful life is built on sacrifice shaped by your hope but this is a dead end. We know this is a dead end. Jesus offers a building plan for your life based on his sacrifice – which brings a living hope. The First Step is get with the program – make God your architect. Don’t go missing but take your place as a living stone in our Living Church.

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This is Living | Talk 2 | Living Spirit

The dying world leaves us grabbing and thirsting for abundance. We know that living this way doesn’t satisfy us. Jesus offers an abundant life that flows to us and through us. The first step is to taste and see – find the satisfaction of your thirst in Jesus. If your eternity is shaped by drinking at the well of Jesus, shape your plans for this year around that – giving, hospitality, life-flowing… together as a living church.

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